Art made of Light




                                 Chocie Friedburg  

Video Art Installation, using nature photography and digital techniques to give shape to these transcendental landscapes, 

blended together to create a sentence, fused together with music .

A Visual Poem, an expression my personal and inner experience of the world around me . 

Under the umbrella of LumiaVisuals - the expansion of this project is to create a flowing piece of art that can be seen like a moving art painting .

Each video relates to the next like a jigsaw puzzle but which piece do you place first ?

 A canvas that throws us into deeper thoughts and dwells upon our subconscious to question what is reality to the power packed

visual stimuli of light on a wall all this is the power of Art and Music combined .it is a combination,a delicate fusion,a means of communicate to an audience.

Projects have been commissioned for the promotion of music compositions. Musicians who wish to promote their music or Album.

Others are personal exploration into the relationship of music to art and the balance between which holds them together .


Contact :  Chocie Friedburg - www.http:/

Lumiavisuals - Art of Light - Chocie Friedburg

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   Chocie Friedburg  © lumiavisuals 2020


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