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Works Art with light - LumiaVisuals

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The artist Chocie has developed a style of imagery that elopes evocatively with the development of contemporary electronic music, enhancing and re structuring sometimes the audience's engagement with different genres of music.

They are more than just backdrops to music , they are developed and emotive responses with the inter-relationship of music and Art.

The imagery is integrated in harmony visually with the music and an abstract relationship develops between the minimal narrative instrumental in the music and lyrics .

The play with light and water movement, in an abstract way formats the emotive relationship to the imagery. The works are meant to be experiential in an environment set to immerse the viewer. Each piece feeds off itself, developing a symbiotic engagement with sound and movement .

New Ideas

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              Working on a New Video    

      Part of  a New Series                         

    "Inner Visions" 

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I work intuitively, interpreting music visual. I love lyrics and I work towards harmonizing  images

with music and hope that one does not over power the other .

 The Art work in the gallery gives an idea of what I do, how my ideas develop. What my source of inspiration is. They have so many ideas in each image, all lead on to some other form of creativity each sourcing  symbiotically for the other usually in the form of video, as the end product. 

They are like my sketch books I thought I would show them to you all anyway.  Hope you will enjoy looking at them and  feel free to comment, I will enjoy any feedback you wish to give me.







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