"Art made of Light "

    'Art made of Light '                          

Experimental videos created and edited by Chocie Friedburg .various different genres of music from African Dance music to Liquid DnB,Reggae to Indie. My work is about exploring a relationship between image and music and sounds, developing a minimal narrative to engage the viewer, experimenting and intertwining art with music to create a wonderful transcandental experience . A poetic sentance .

 " I find myself swimming in your visual lagoons, quite contently, immersed in the expanse.  know,

 these works are bubbling over with the sacred breath of life, the golden nectar, so sweet. I feel an abundance of Love flowing through.

The creativity blows my fudgin mind!"   JO


 Commissions are welcome ...



Cimbalom from Visual Delights on Vimeo.

  Cimbalom  a composition by Matt Mars 

Visual interpretation filmed and edited by Chocie Friedburg.






copyrights.  Chocie @ LumiaVisuals. 2011











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